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Interested in running a rally in 2021 click here for a list of rallies already penciled in

click here for rally slip


Below is a list of weekend rallies for 2020. A £5 deposit is required (unless otherwise stated) when booking these rallies.
All cheques should be made out to the "Caravan and motorhome club Gloucestershire centre"
Please note: Dogs must be on a lead at all times while on the rally field

Thinking of joining us on a rally or two? just click here for a few tips

xxxxxxxDATExxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxVENUExxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxMore InfoxxxxxRALLY OFFICERS

February 15th xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxCharity Coffee Morning, Tewkesbury xxxxxxxxxxxxclick here xxxxxxxxxT & P Harris

February 23rdxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xCharity Lunch & Rally Officers Pack Collection xxxxxxclick herexxxxxxxxxxxCommittee

March 20th - 23rd xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxWhitemead cancelled xxsxx xxxxxxcancelled xxxxxxxxxxG & A Bevan

xxxx April 9th - 16th xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxMill Farm Holiday Park cancelledxxx xxcancelled x xxxxxx R & L Reynolds

April 19th - 24th xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Cheddar Bridge Caravan Park cancelledxxxxcancelled xxxxxxxxxx D & S Kalus

April 24th - 27th xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Toddington cancelldxxxxxxxxxxxx xcancelledx x xxxxxx P & T Harris

May 1st - 5th x xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Bath Marina cancdx xxxxxxxxxx x xcancelled x xxxxx xx C & S Young

May 9th - 17th xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Dare Valley x xxxcancelledxxxxxxx x xcancelledx xxxxxxxx P & T Harris

May 15th - 18th xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Tudor Caravan Park, cancelledxxxxxx x xcancelled xxxxxxxxxxJ & R Arthur

May 22nd - 25th xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Bibury xxxxcancelledxxxxxxxxxxxxcancelledxxxxxxxxxxx M & A Davis

May 22nd - 26th xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx National xxxcancedxxxxxxxxxxxzzx cancelled xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxT.B.C.

June 4th - 9th xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Hampton Ferry xcandxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxcancelled xxxxxxxxx J & S Kirkham

June 18th - 22nd xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Henley on Thames canxxxxxxxxxxxxxxcancelled xxxxxxxxxx P & T Harris

July 3rd - 5th xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Berry Hill xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxcancelled xxxxxxxxxxD & S Kalus

July 9th - 14th xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx East Dorset 35th Anniversary Rally cancelled cancelled xxxxxEast Dorset Centre

July 10th - 14th xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx Tewkesbury Medieval Festival xxxxxxxxxx x cancelled xxxxxxxxxGywn & Linda

July 9th - 15th xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx South West Centre -Cirencester Park xxxxxxxxx cancelledxxxxx South West Centres

July 15th - 21st xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx R.I.A.T 2020. Fairford xxcancelled xx cancelled xxxxxxxxx G & A Bevan

July 16th - 19th xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Burley Lakes, (Fishing) x xxxxxxxxxxxxxxcancelledxxxxxxJ Harris / J Sims

July 23rd - 27th xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Welland Steam Fair xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx cancelledxxxxxxxxxM & A Davis

July 30th - August 2nd xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Hereford Rowing Club xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx cancelledx xxxxxx J & K Seabright

August 2nd - 16th xxxxxxxxxxxxxx Globe Vale Caravan Park (Holiday Rally) xxxxxxcancelled x xxxx x M & A Davis

August 28th - 31st xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Shobdon Airfield xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx cancelled x xxxxxx B & M Pellatt

August 28th - 31st xxxxxxxxxxxxx Avon Centre 3000th, Weston-Super-Mare xxxxxxxclick here xxxxxxxxxxAvon Centre

September 11th - 13th xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxInter centre Fishing xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx cancelled xxxxxxxxxS & L Moulds

September 18th - 20th xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Notgrove xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxcancelled xxxxxxxxxx D & S Kalus

September 21st - 28th xxxxxxxxxxx Cofton Caravan Park (Holiday Rally) xxxxxxxxxxx cancelled xxxxxxxxx P & T Harris

October 2nd - 4th xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx A.G.M. Chestnut Farm, Norton. xxxxXXXxxxxxxxclick here xxxxxx H & S Gembarski

October 29th - 1st November xxxxxxxxxxx Apple Orchard (Halloween) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxcancelled xxxxxxx R & L Reynolds

November 8th - 13th xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Whitemead, Forest of Dean xxxxxxxxxxxxxxclick here xxxxxxx G & A Bevan

November 12th - 16th xxxxxxxxxxxxxx S W Region A.G.M. - Westbury Wilts xxxxxxxxx click here xxxxxx Wiltshire Centre